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Resort Videos

Videos have arguably become the front liner in today’s age of social media. When it comes to resort or holiday destination videos, potential guests demand to feel connected and drawn to them. Essentially, they’d need to pick up the ‘Wow’ factor that makes them go, “Hey, this is our next holiday destination!” and we at ioraPro know just how to cast that spell. Every destination has their own captivating story, breathtaking scenic views and incredible activities that are just waiting to be flawlessly told. ioraPro’s ability to produce videos with the right amount of artistic flare, style and of course honesty, creates that buzz. We also understand the need for a brand to not just spread out but also entice today’s “always-connected” customers. Hence, our video package takes the traditional resort/ destination video a notch higher by making them inherently ‘shareable’ on social media. We also take the extra mile and help with social media marketing thereby establishing continuous engagement with their customers. In doing so, we have helped our clients become prominent figures in luxury hotels and destinations.

Nature Resort

Jehan Numa Palace

The Tamara Coorg

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