Drone Solutions - iorapro

Drone Solutions

Aerial Filming

iorapro is one of the first media production companies in Bangalore to use remote-controlled drones for aerial filming and photography. The high end drones are used to create ultra-smooth, aerial footage at 4K resolution which is otherwise impossible to capture. Our cameras are gyro-stabilised and have complete 360° 3-axis rotational capabilities. We specialize in DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2. We have shot videos for a wide variety of clients including wildlife organisations, property developers, corporates and government bodies. We undertake complete film creation services overseeing the final footage ready for publication or collaborate with third-party production team for shooting footage.

Aerial Survey

At iorapro, we also provide aerial inspection services such as surveillance and, 3D mapping and photogrammetry. Aerial surveys offer a wide range surveillance and mapping solutions for different markets. We acquire and analyze data providing you with all the relevant information for your business. We offer orthorectified imagery and, digital surface and terrain models that have proved to be beneficial in the betterment of our clients' products and businesses. If there is ever a requirement for spatial, geographic or location aspect of your product (or solution), look no further than us.

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