Awards - iorapro


Our journey is encrusted with some of the most prestigious awards in creative excellence yet. Our involvement transcends video production services, as we also educate the world with workshops on technology and/or ecosystem. Scroll down to see the various facets of ioraPro.

Broadcast Work

We’ve been honored to provide services on brilliant documentaries like “The Hunt”, “Mysterious Wildlife of India” and “The Rituals” teaming up with international broadcasters such as BBC, Felis Creations, Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

Talks and Workshops

We take pride in having passed on our expertise of drone technology for the Forest Department for Conservation. Now, 40 officials of Maharastra Forest Department are trained in using drones for surveying and monitoring the forest. Film-making is an art and lighting the torch for others in the field, is an unspoken responsibility. We have conducted a workshop on how to create powerful documentaries to make a change, at the Moving Water Film Festival.

Media Speak

Our work has appeared in many world publications including -but not limited to-, ‘The New York Times’, ‘Mongabay’, ‘National Geographic’, ‘The Week’ and the ‘Times of India’.

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