We are a team with a passion to make a difference and an immense obsession with quality. What truly sets us apart is our ability to understand your message which is a dominant factor in creating impactful videos.  We have the resources to handle every element of video and beyond! The vital core of our team is that we are a beautiful blend of many worlds working together to give you nothing but the best.       

  • Prakash Matada

    Prakash Matada

    Founder & Director

  • Naidile H

    Naidile H

    Digital Marketing Lead

  • Ram Alluri

    Ram Alluri

    Wildlife Cameraman

  • Jeshanth K

    Jeshanth K

    Content Head

  • VinayK Hegde

    VinayK Hegde

    Director of Photography

  • Pramod Jois

    Pramod Jois


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