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Film-making is an art and lighting the flame for others in the field, is an unspoken responsibility. Our involvement transcends video production services, as we also educate the world with workshops on film-making and/or ecosystem. 

Wildlife Filmmaking Masterclass at Bharathpur

Film-making Workshop by Prakash Matada with Sony on Sep 22nd & 23rd 2019 at Toehold, Bangalore

What do participants love about our Digital Filmmaking Workshop by Prakash Matada? Watch this video to find out.

LinkedIn #HowIGotHere- Prakash's talk on unconventional career, with Nirajita Banerjee.

Talk at Moving Water Film Festival

Workshop on Drones For Conservation

We take pride in having passed on our expertise of drone technology for the Forest Department for Conservation. Now, 40 officials of Maharastra Forest Department are trained in using drones for surveying and monitoring the forest.

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