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Why Have Aerial Videos


Why Have Aerial Videos

Aerial videos are essentially moving pictures captured from the air. With new age state of the art technology, it is roughly always captured with automatic or unmanned aerial system, known as drones. Drones are  lightweight remote control aircrafts which can support video cameras and have opened a plethora of avenues in allowing to capture shots that were previously hardly accessible. Video Production Houses in Bangalore and brands  alike are waking up to embrace aerials with renewed vigour.


Aerial videos provide a significant increase in production value to videos. This increases viewership and holds your audience’s attention longer – both important metrics for successful marketing videos.  Technology enables breath taking shots that were almost inconceivable in any other way. So you have a rare opportunity to stand out from the competition by capturing exciting aerial shots. Our shoot for Kurumba Nature Resorts stand out for the viewership it got with breathtaking aerials.







Aerials can establish context in the matter of seconds. With conventional framing, context only builds with time or extensive detailing of properties in focus.  As one of the renowned video production houses in Bangalore, we have had the opportunity to use aerials on different occasions. For example, our Clients, Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering wanted a profile video with the campus as one of the key focus points. Spread over lush greenery, the campus is nothing like what any other colleges have. Regular videography, could not have given it the appeal that aerial captures did. Aerials not only established the large expanses, but also the context that the college has given its students as much infrastructure was effortlessly established.



Aerials make coverage a breeze. This is specially advantageous with respect to property shots. For example, the Jayachamarajendra Wodeyar Golf Course, in Mysore is a massive 18-hole golf course, the enormity of which can never be fully explored, unless one spends a day touring it. The clients were therefore were evaluating whether or not a video could do justice to this wide spread lush greenery. Our Aerial footages, more than cleared their doubts and they have used to video on multiple platforms ever since.



Certain special locations and their brilliance cannot do without aerial photography.The lateral angle simply cannot depict everything. While we are a video production house in Bangalore, the different locations we have shot has always done better with aerials. For example, in order to strongly convey how important it is to conserve the Western Ghats, our clients  CEPF and ATREE wanted a series of short films that would extensively showcase the Ghats in their true splendour. Aerials in the likes of the following picture, were not only successful in this but also archived the stunning natural beauty on terms that will make it a valuable asset for generations to come.