iorapro | 5 Tips To Strategize Your Property’s Visual Content
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5 Tips To Strategize Your Property’s Visual Content


5 Tips To Strategize Your Property’s Visual Content

We are well aware about the multi-faceted benefits of video marketing. The fact that the reach of Promotional Films was over 75% of all video content by late 2014 is proof enough that video marketing is the way forward.  As a restaurant owner, a realtor or any entrepreneur dealing with the property domain, to be able to make the most of Promotional Films, it is important for you to strategize, stabilize and channelize your visual content.

Here is quick look –


1. Purpose

Any communication will not be of importance or get your audience’s attention if it does not have a core message. The video in question could be a simple show reel or a fully scripted documentary. But, at the heart of this must be a strong idea that is driven into the minds of the viewers. Many videos tend to look beautiful but lack a well rounded importance due to which they fail to do well.

Before you execute a video project, it will help if you can answer these simple questions on your own terms –

  • Are you looking at selling rooms?
  • Do you want to generate guest leads?
  • Does the video look at building brand awareness?
  • Are you trying to sell /demonstrate a new service?
  • Is it a simple showcase of your property through your guests’ eyes?
  • Does it have multiple aims?

Once you have answered these questions, you can piece together the core message and then plan your video around the same.


2. Style

Visual content comes with a two-layered need. While the first one is about getting the perfect message, it is equally important that the execution is professional, watch-worthy and most importantly syncs with the brand personality that you have chosen.

The right style will enhance and refine the purpose you have in mind for the visual.

Some  things that you include are –

  •  Time-lapse :  Make a slide show of your photos into a video. This is one of the best ways to encapsulate different points of time as they progress and result in one beautiful event.
  • 360° View Visuals : A great way to recreate the stay experience for viewers. When hosted on your website or social media channel.
  • Interview members of your property about different topics to give your viewers insight on the authenticity of the brand.
  • Demonstration –  show on your screen live, or using screen shots (e.g. how to use the new fitness equipment.
  • Informal videos posted by guests could also be featured.


3. Type

You could include both variety and some personal touches to your video to make it engaging and worth watching. Promotional Films must be subtle but hit the bull’s eye even as they beat around the bush. Some ways to do that include –

  • Shooting  at a location that you host or sponsor.
  • Your guests would love to see a behind-the-scenes documentary of your hotel’s operation. Taking your video camera into the kitchens, or to the laundry to see what happens to your sheets and towels is a great idea!
  • Product demos work wonders too. Are you providing iPads on the counter for your guests?  You could shoot a short video about how to use them.
  • Staff interviews (make this fun and candid).


4. Tone and Finish

Think about the tone of your video, and how it will affect the finished product. Is your video for corporate guests or for families? So do you plan a formal businesslike approach or an informal creative one? Would you want to give it a humour? For a couple’s retreat weekend, you might want your video to be creative, and more serious than a family video, yet much lighter than one for your business audience.

These finishing touches will  enhance the visual and content appeal of your video. 


5. Make a series

A series could bring your viewers back to your site or channel. But with volume, always consider whether or not your video will add value to the life of your consumer, save his/her time or energy in any way. Blatant advertising will not be of impact on a longer run.


Authentic representation and the true story of your property’s unique personality are essential. Promotional Films and their sheer volume can also work against your favour due to the redundancy caused in the online world. Too much jazz may grab eyeballs but will never go a long way.