iorapro | Case Study – Panchavati The Pavilion
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Case Study – Panchavati The Pavilion

Case Study – Panchavati The Pavilion

Project Overview

Avani leisure is a premium group of resorts. What they needed in the infomercial video film was a brief overview of the property with all of its facets in good focus, highlighting how tradition meets modern comforts, thereby making it a universally appealing venue.The challenge that the project presented was to be able to artfully bring the spotlight on Panchavati, the Pavilion and establish how it is a venue for all occasions, although it was popular only for weddings, up till then.

Panchavati Video

The beautiful scenery around the property, in itself was an inspiration for the video. Besides, the structure is built with an array of motifs from the bright orange lines on the roof, to the seats of the pavilion that are made of wood, all of which have rightly been filmed to add to the charm of the video. All through the video film, there is constant fluid camera motion, through slow pans, tracks and glides, that keep up an interactive dynamic pace.

We incorporated an amber gold hue to it, accompanied by melodious, layered music that added to the quality of the video, without taking attention off the visuals. Both of these aspects gave it a very festive feeling, that added to the crisp yet detailed visuals. Different events at the venue were covered, each of which were extensively shot, to be able to include just the right  duration of footage with perspective.

Success of the Video Film

The video film contributed in converting website visits into actual enquiries with its engaging visuals and comprehensive filming.




More over, the brand appeal has leveraged with the video and added ease of communication to the Avani team. Guests appreciate  a realistic overview because they cannot always visit the site before booking. The video was successful in getting the right viewer attention and involving all sections of Panchavati’s guests to look forward to hosting their next event here.