iorapro | Documentary – Western Ghats Programme
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Documentary – Western Ghats Programme

About This Project

The world is growing but the Earth is diminishing, thanks to the the constant alienation and abuse that human interference causes to the delicate balance of nature. Envisioning a greener, ecologically healthy tomorrow, Critical Ecosystems Partnership Fund ( CEPF) in association with Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE) have backed the efforts of various conservationists and research outfits which has empowered their pilot projects and given them the wings to make a significant difference. With 103 grants amounting to over $6.1 million, the constant support and fundings have helped revive the different species of Western Ghats and reaffirm indigenous rights of the tribes who have made the Ghats their home.

The initiative itself is a new wave that instills hope for a better tomorrow.