iorapro | 6 Tips To Optimise Your Youtube Channel
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6 Tips To Optimise Your Youtube Channel


6 Tips To Optimise Your Youtube Channel

Having established the necessity to have video films as an important digital marketing collateral for your organisation, the natural way forward is setting up a compelling presence on YouTube to optimise the reach of your videos. This involves different strategic steps, few of which are as follows –

  1. The design and initial set-up

The first step to creating an audience-friendly viewing experience on your YouTube channel is setting it up with your company’s name and branding that makes it easily accessible/ recognizable to your fans. As obvious as it sounds, new brands often forget to include their brand identity in the funky names they choose for their visual mediums. Your channel’s  design must also complement  the company description – make this attention grabbing, yet extremely search friendly.

YouTube also allows your brand to add links on your Channel.  Ideally, these links should go to your other social Pages for cross-promotion, as well as to core landing pages on your site. Remember to add any other YouTube Pages of your brand to the “Featured Channels” section for more reach opportunities.

  1. Content Strategy for Videos

At the core, your YouTube Channel  must have a strong video content marketing strategy. With nearly two-thirds of netizens jumping between clicks in seconds, getting them interested to sit through your video and prompting them to click on more is an art, that is luckily backed by science. The science, being that of creating content that is relevant to them, entertains and benefits them, with your own branding being the surrogate message.

Here is our detailed article on Video Content Marketing.

  1. Creating immediate call to action

The videos you create for your website, emails and beyond should all have internal calls to action, but your YouTube Channel presents more opportunities to remind viewers  about how they can connect with your brand. These include pop ups that lead to a continuation of the video or links embedded in the video itself, that lead to a shop now/ learn more, schedule appointment etc among other links that immediately make the most of the attention you have created through your video.

  1. The importance of engaging thumbnails

In order to get the right attention to your Youtube channel from casual web searches/ other party links , it is essentially that the thumbnail speaks for itself. It must encapsulate the video on terms that will excite viewers.

General rules of “thumb”nails:

  • Choose an image that entertaining
  • Pick a shot that’s well-framed and bright
  • Select something representative of the clip
  • Go for a presenter or product close-up when possible
  • Follow general guidelines of a great opening shot that entices viewers.
  1. Search-Friendly Video Tags

There are four types of tags that you can use on your video content to gain more visibility through search.

Title tag of your video – Make sure that your video title is compelling, features appropriate keywords and accurately represents the content of the video.

Video description – Tell your audience what the video is about in two to four sentences, but leave enough mystery to make them click to view.  Be sure to include relevant keywords for search optimisation and use calls to action and site links.

Video keyword tags – Keep these tags balanced between your SEO strategy and keywords that relate directly to the video. (Your company should be producing video content that’s relevant to offerings, so picking the right phrases shouldn’t be a challenge.) You can also use the YouTube keyword tool to generate potential keywords.

Video category tags – Pick from the labels most relevant to your content as users may search through categories to find new videos relevant to their interests. Examples of categories range from “How-to & DIY” to more industry specific groups like “Tech” or “Beauty & Fashion.”