iorapro | 5 reasons that make explainer videos a must-have for start-ups
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5 reasons that make explainer videos a must-have for start-ups

5 reasons that make explainer videos a must-have for start-ups

Video Productions are the digital era’s photo booths, constantly producing footprints that will stay true forever, giving your brand the same power too. Consider making the most of this phenomena and invest in explainer videos. While explainer videos may seem like something only bigger names would think of a few years ago, today the access and sheer reach of videos/ video productions make it far more important and viable that you probably think it is. Explainer videos in Bangalore are on a rise and a great example is this video we made for client Tone Tag.

Here is a  better look at why explainer videos are essential –

1. Both clients and investors want to see how they benefit from your service or by investing in it

Ease of access/ on demand market-place models have made customers far more in charge of their choices than they used to be, meaning it is not good enough to be just good. The ‘value-addition factor’ you bring along with superior quality is just as important. With explainer videos, it is very easy to establish and draw around this human-interest angle of your brand / service. Be it with the competition you need to out do or the new need you must generate to establish your service, videos make it very clear as to how you make your audiences life smoother and simpler. Explainer videos in Bangalore today, for example are enjoying this by cashing on emotionally moving videos that seem to be selling the best.

2. SEO / Google stats thrive with videos

You must have often come across websites that show up through their videos or video results that over power keyword searches, while a lot of others may be competing for just keywords through written content,. Explainer videos could also do great on google play store/ app store by enticing your audiences, if your product/ service is mobile based. Youtube is ranked as the #2 popular search engine and thus a good presence on youtube with a useful playlist means, you are doing yourself a long terms favour. Explainer videos in Bangalore, operate on this psychology of enjoying view-worthiness of local searches.

3. Show people your beliefs and brand yourself in the process

Brands today, represent an idea and a set of values. It is interesting to note how social mediums that are in fact doubling or tripling reach actually allow just as much of a personalised touch too. Videos are a great reflection of what makes your company a helping hand who is out there with an honest intent and is way beyond a mere profit-driven outfit. You must have come across explainer videos in Bangalore or else where yourself, and wondered how persuasive they proved to be.

4. Enjoy better conversions and track them easily

71% of marketers believe that Video Marketing yields the most prolific conversion rate and are willing to invest in video content over anything else. This is very compelling snippet of statistics, that is proven by the fact that videos encourage as much as 20% increase in website traffic, specially from your target audience. Plus the wide spread presence of explainer videos push audiences to associate better, trust and thus convinces them to make the purchase far more effectively.

5. Be compelling enough to stay in memory/ break free from clutter

Both the attention /retention spans of audiences is getting shorter by the day. It is not sufficient for communications to reach them efficiently but it also has to also stay long enough to impact them as well. Explainer Videos have been proven to successful in this regard thanks to the share-worthiness and enjoyable view quotient they have, irrespective of whether the viewer is a potential buyer. Explainer videos in Bangalore are a great idea to reach out to this eclectic mix of people that the city has.

Explainer videos are a great golden-mine. Make the most of it and do share your brand’s journey with us.